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Ebbinge advises companies and organizations on how to translate their strategies into roadmaps for people and teams. We strongly believe that people and teams are determining factors in the future success of an enterprise. We help to improve these success factors. In doing so, we offer clients access to top professionals in the employment market, a select network of entrepreneurs, administrators and managers.

This is how we develop companies and people, to reinforce their quality and entrepreneurship. We understand how companies and organizations work. We listen closely, give clear advice, and provide insight into the improvement potential of people and teams. We work internationally with 40 consultants based in our Amsterdam and Brussels offices. Each of our consultants has an area of special expertise.


Our Services


Executive search has been Ebbinge’s key activity from the very start. Our clients in the executive search segment come from wide-ranging backgrounds. To accommodate their specific needs, we established separate sector specializations, each staffed with expert consultants. We provide access to high-quality networks, comprised of people we know, which is far more than just a database. We draw up a clear picture of the company and the assignment. Translation of the findings into practice has to occur in a meticulous way. We are selective and bring clients in contact with top people in the employment market and ultimately with the best-suited candidate, who will ensure long-term reinforcement.


Ebbinge helps to increase the effectiveness of companies on an individual, team or organizational level. We achieve this goal with a specialized team of our own consultants, senior coaches and trainers. Customized trajectories in which the company’s interests are central. By increasing the clarity of communication, enhancing mutual understanding and recognizing each other’s motivations and driving forces, companies will be in a position to deploy people based on their individual strengths. This approach has enabled Ebbinge now and in the past to provide businesses with the tools to function more effectively. From large multinationals to private equity houses, from advisory firms to entrepreneurial mid-market companies. Everywhere, people play a crucial role in the effectiveness of a business.


Ebbinge has more than twenty years of experience in recruiting, selecting and coaching interim managers for clients in the private sector, government and the semi-public sector. Contrary to other consultancies, we have opted for selecting our interim managers from the entire range of the best available interim managers, rather than working with a small group exclusively associated with us. This strongly increases the number of potential candidates; the selection of the very best-suited interim manager is always our prime consideration. At Ebbinge, each function area has a separate interim specialization, so that we can offer a good selection of best-suited candidates.

Specializations and clients

Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds. The private sector segment often consists of larger director-majority shareholders and family businesses, as well as private-equity-owned companies or entrepreneurial listed companies. We work internationally with the following sector specializations:

  1. Private Equity
  2. Trade & Industry
  3. Consumer Goods/Retail/E-Commerce
  4. Private Care & Health
  5. Family Businesses
  6. Financial Services
  7. Media & Technology
  8. Business Services
  9. Charities and Social Organizations

Within this group there are nine function specialities (Permanent & Interim):

  1. CEO / General Management
  2. CFO / Finance & Risk
  3. CMO / Marketing & Communication
  4. HR Director / Human Resources Management
  5. COO / Production & Operations Management
  6. CCO / Commercial Management
  7. CIO / Information Management
  8. CPO / Purchasing Management
  9. Strategy & Business Development

Information and contact

For more information, please contact:
Anita te Water, Paul van Dam, Willem Dokkum or Rakhal van Orshoven.

T: +31 (0) 20 5725 725
E: info@ebbinge.nl

Paul van Dam

Paul van Dam

Anita te Water

Anita te Water

Willem Dokkum

Willem Dokkum

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