Today's number one issue: data & digital

Because digital transformation is a top concern

Today's number one issue: data & digital

For good reason, because competitive strength and the business success it is linked to, are determined more and more by digital and data-driven ways of working. Companies are challenged on a wide range of complex questions, such as:

– How do we digitalise the business model?
– How can we better serve clients digitally?
– How do we collect and profit from data?
– Which technology, infrastructure and architecture do we adopt?
– How do we push technological innovation?
– How do we optimise e-commerce?
– How do we develop a digital mindset and way of working?

Just a random selection of relevant issues surrounding data & digital. These questions often require fundamental change or transition. It’s why our Data & Digital team see a growing demand for digital leadership.

Today's number one issue: data & digital

‘There isn't just one scenario for digital transformation'’

The travel sector was hit hard recently. What were the consequences of Covid-19 for the digital transformation of online travel agency Sunweb? CDO Brenda van Leeuwen on the opportunities of digitialisation as well as the serious challenges involved.
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Lead our future
True digital leaders provide leadership as organisations change in terms of digitalisation and datafication. They build bridges between business and technology and are full partners when all other business disciplines are discussed. They are leaders who develop a keen vision and strategy on data & digital and then implement them flawlessly. Who bring together the right experts, talents and parties to realise transitions. Who have knowledge of all substantive issues and the wide-ranging playing field of experts and parties. But who can also think outside conventional boundaries to realise innovation. In short: they are rare and multi-talented.

Our team
Ebbinge’s Data & Digital team is aimed at organisations seeking digital reinforcement at the top. We are specialised in finding digital leaders who can guide businesses in their data & digital transformation.

Each month, a consultant from the team answers three questions on digital leadership. This month, Joost Reijsenbach de Haan focuses on young technology leaders keen on transitioning to C-level. Read the article here.


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