The new digital economy demands innovative leadership

Flawlessly leading your digital transformation

The new digital economy demands innovative leadership

The Ebbinge Data, Digital & IT-team is keen to be your partner in finding the best and most suitable new digital leader. Based on years of experience, a fresh perspective on the market as well as deep connections. We understand which challenges and questions arise in times of disruption and change. Together, we detemine who is needed to realise important transformations and take the organisation to the next level.

The new digital economy demands innovative leadership

'There isn't just one scenario for digital transformation'

The travel sector was hit hard recently. What were the consequences of Covid-19 for the digital transformation of online travel agency Sunweb? CDO Brenda van Leeuwen on the opportunities of digitialisation as well as the serious challenges involved.

Clients obtain access to the best-performing and most decisive people at executive level. Digital & Data leaders who are a perfect fit for the organisation and the executive team. Long-term thinkers with the knowledge to make the right strategic choices for the future development of the organisation as well as the business.

Our community of Data, Digital & IT consists of inspiring leaders (academic ++) in technological innovation, digital turn-around, data strategy, omni-channel strategy and e-commerce.


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