Consumer Goods & Retail: complexity, dynamics and digitalisation

Are you a leader of tommorow who tackles today's challenges?

Consumer Goods & Retail: complexity, dynamics and digitalisation

In the Consumer Goods & Retail sector, characterised by the ever-changing desires of consumers, we observe the following challenges for tomorrow’s new leaders:

– The indispensable omni-channel strategy and continued digitalisation demand a more personalised approach to clients: from the journey, experience and service to the strategic deployment of big data technology.

– Today’s society (again) demands excellent branding. The real story behind your brand and the intrinsic value of your company: that’s what creates a truly distinctive market presence. The strong rise of ‘local jewels’ confirms this trend.

– Chances for growth are often found abroad, where knowledge of the local (European) market is essential to be able to capitalise on opportunities.

– Managing a healthy P&L has become more complex, as has preserving the optimal balance between front end and back end, the level of investment and the right workforce.

– The Covid-19 crisis has underlined the importance of agility: how to deal with sudden, fundamentally different circumstances?

– Sustainability has now become a permanent theme. Today’s consumer demands sustainable products from companies who take social responsibility. Of course the will is there, but the challenges are formidable. How do you make the chain sustainable? In what ways do you develop a sustainable business model and how do you stimulate sustainable innovation? What responsibilities do you take on as a person and as a company?


Consumer Goods & Retail: complexity, dynamics and digitalisation

Having an impact in an entrepreneurial setting
Ebbinge introduces the new CEOs, CMOs, CDOs, CCOs and COOs in Consumer Goods & Retail. Do you want to be in our network? It’s good to know that all candidates in our network have experience dealing with the questions highlighted. They are well-suited to assignments in an entrepreneurial setting aimed at transformation, digitalisation and professionalisation. Most of them have learned their skills at the large international corporate (FM)CG or retail businesses or e-commerce parties / pure players. Based on the need for more entrepreneurship and impact as well as a desire to contribute more to the digital transformation, they have made a conscious move towards mid-market businesses.

We are always looking for true leaders seeking to have s sustainable impact and are driven to make businesses healthier and the world more sustainable, inclusive and people-focused. We connect these leaders to our clients and aid in their development with leadership programmes like Lead for Impact in Consumer Business, created together with De Transformatie Groep and Impacting Today.

Our specialised team
For decades, the specialised Consumer Goods & Retail teams has been an Ebbinge mainstay. During the past three years, we have filled almost a hundred C-level and executive positions in the Consumer Goods & Retail sector. We also find the right people for supervisory positions. Our clients are mostly entrepreneurial mid-market companies turning over between around 20M and 500M Euro, owned by Private Equity parties, families or owner-managers.

We know all our candidates personally, while keeping in close contact and staying informed. Ebbinge doesn’t just facilitate your next career move as a Consumer Goods & Retail leader of tommorow. We also help when it comes to your personal and professional development. We offer courses and leadership programmes like Lead Our Future and Lead For Impact in Consumer Business.

Are you an experienced and decisive leader who can transform complexity and dynamics into growth? Then we’re keen to get to know you.


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