Public entrepreneurship: do you have a public heart?

You bring entrepreneurship to the public domain.

Public entrepreneurship: do you have a public heart?

Socially relevant sectors like Care, Education, Charities and public organisation differ significantly from each other. But no matter how great the differences, Ebbinge sees major similarities, especially in the area of leadership.

We support public entrepreneurship. We introduce leaders who represent the public cause and the collective, yet also bring the strength and expertise of entrepreneurship to the table and can see the public sector through an entrepreneurial lens. Interestingly, the social relevance of the collective and the interest in it is growing again. The trust in leadership within the public domain, however, could stand improvement and that is why new leadership is crucial. Based on that notion, Ebbinge acknowledges the strength and the importance of a well-run public sector.

Public entrepreneurship: do you have a public heart?

A complete portfolio
As Ebbinge’s Public & Care team, we not only work from our social, public heart. It is about our vision of Public Entrepreneurship and our commitment and involvement regarding specific developments in the sector that we publish articles regularly. In these sectors, we offer a complete portfolio: Search, Interim, Executive Development and Courses. We have developed specific training courses for the Public Sector. For the Civil Service (the New Style Supervision course), the Care sector ( the New Style Supervision in Care and New Leadership in Care courses) and the course for New Style Supervision for charity organisations and cultural institutions.

True Leadership
Ebbinge is specifically searching for the ‘other profile’, for diversity: the public entrepreneur with a business-oriented profile, the new(er) generation, the leader from outside the sector, the New Style supervisor.  But we never lose sight of the need for genuine involvement and commitment candidates have regarding the public cause and the sector and organisation in question.

Our team
Our team Public & Care consists of driven and experienced professionals with a clear understanding of what is required in these sectors in terms of leadership, management and supervision. It’s the reason we are qualified to help leaders in taking the next career step that matches their wishes and ambitions. We know the market segment well and many Ebbinge professionals have experience in these sectors, having held leading or supervisory positions within it.

Other market sectors

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