Today's care sector is all about challenges and change

Growing complexity demands true leadership

Today's care sector is all about challenges and change

Today’s public and private care sectors are confronted by many challenges. Demand is up, as are costs and the urgency of keeping care affordable. Clients and society are ever more demanding and more new providers are entering the market. Meanwhile, technological change is accelerating as social and professional perceptions of health are changing fundamentally. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic still has major consequences and its effects will be felt for a long time to come. These are some of the trends and developments which illustrate that growing complexity demands innovative, true leadership.


Today's care sector is all about challenges and change

'Strong leadership in the care sector demands value-driven entrepreneurship'

The care sector has changed drastically in recent years. Care organisations have increasingly become part of a trans-sectoral ecosystem based on interconnectedness. According to Niels van Tent, senior consultant at Ebbinge, letting go is the main ingredient of strong leadership in the care sector.
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The best of both worlds
The  care sector demands leaders who can adapt to and move with the sector and its stakeholders and yet can hold on to their convictions and stay the course. Leaders who can connect talent and teams to a collective aspiration.

Leaders are needed who can both realise change and collaborate in radically different ways, inside and outside the chain. With a passion for public value and the patient or client, while at the same time being entrepreneurial and market-oriented, willing to take risks. Who can both develop a leading vision and make concrete decisions, while trusting others and having the ability to let go. Who are both trustworthy and transparent yet visible in a more critical social arena.

Lead our future
We believe the care sector urgently needs entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial leaders in executive as well as supervisory capacities. Who can handle tensions as described and are able to combine the best of both worlds. Ebbinge is specialised in finding such true leaders for the care sector, who understand it and can bring a new style of leadership.

Our team
Our Care & Health team works for public as well as private organisations in the markets of mental health care, elderly and youth care, welfare, hospitals and health tech & life sciences. Within this regulated sector, our experienced team can deliver sustainable and sound entrepreneurship and leadership.

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