Wanted: entrepreneurial leaders with the capacity to accelerate

Can you structurally improve a company's market position?

Wanted: entrepreneurial leaders with the capacity to accelerate

Ebbinge has worked for the majority of private equity parties and portfolio companies for a long time. We understand the dynamics and characteristics of this market through and through, as well as the type of leader this sector demands. It needs entrepreneurial leaders who can stay the course and deliver results, even in turbulent circumstances. We are frequently involved pre-deal, capable of combining transition with speed. By facilitating the right kind of leadership, we can structurally improve a company’s market position and evaluation.

Wanted: entrepreneurial leaders with the capacity to accelerate

Our focus is reinforcement of leadership of companies, of the teams of PE professionals as well as the personal and professional qualities of the leaders in our network.

We connect portfolio companies to new, entrepreneurial leaders. The core of our work is filling permanent and interim positions and developing top teams. We offer functional discipline experience in the specialised sectors of Trade & Industry, Business Services as well as Consumer & Retail. With entrepreneurs, buy-in managers and leaders who can take an organisation or a specfic discipline to the next phase.

A new generation of PE professionals for PE parties
Because we maintain a specialised network of experienced Private Equity professionals, we can respond quickly and adequately to market demand.  For starting PE professionals, we offer the exclusive annual ‘Ebbinge Investment Programme’, connecting top academic achievers with top PE firms.

‘Participating Supervisory Board Member Private Equity’ course: for the participating supervisory board member
New in our range of courses is an annual course for private equity supervisors. It is aimed at the specific dynamics between an actively participating shareholder and management, one’s own role, skills and limitations as well as the added value a participating supervisory board member can offer.

Management scans & executive (team) development
We also offer development-oriented management scans, leadership assessments and leadership team development. In this way, we facilitate improved understanding and collaboration between teams. These processes are often short and intensive, with a highly positive impact.

Speed X Care = Performance

Ebbinge combines speed with care. We connect the most suitable leader to the transforming organisation fast. We look not only at individual leadership qualities, but also at the match with colleagues from the executive team and between the organisation and the potential leader’s personality.

We are keen to get to know you
Are you the kind of leader we’ve described? Who can make effective changes during transitions, can set and stay the course in turbulent times and has excellent business instincts?  Are you eager to find out what working in a private equity environment entails? Contact us. We want to know all about you.

Our team
We work with a team of passionate, dedicated private equity specialists boasting years of experience. We understand what private equity means in terms of entrepreneurship, true leadership, value creation and supervision..


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