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The interface between the best leaders and leading organisations

Ebbinge unites true leaders with the organisations that need them. Our consultants can oversee the complex playing field of leadership and can access the interesting network we have built over the past 40 years. That's how we help leaders take their next career step. Now and in the future, because we are proud of our long-lasting relationships.

“I've been interested in the interaction between people from a young age.”

Vincent Timmers


Continued development of leaders

Ebbinge not only mediates for enterpreneurial leaders but helps them develop as well. Through master classes and courses, we facilitate and strengthen leadership. By improving self-awareness but also by focusing on boardroom dynamics, styles of influencing and positioning in a complex field of stakeholders.

“The journey to real change has no shortcuts ”

Anita te Water


We develop true leadership within organisations

Ebbinge helps develop true leadership within organisations through master classes and courses. We develop and offer uniquely styled executive courses for directors, executives and supervisors from both the private and public sectors.

“Today's CEO is much more public. He can no longer deal with the day-to-day management alone, so he must gather a very good team around him and be able to trust people. A modern CEO asks for feedback from his environment. That's not a sign of weakness, it just gives CEOs more leadership. ”

Paul van Dam


Our research-driven approach

Together with Nyenrode Business University, we do continuous research into leadership. How is it changing? Which success factors does it require? The insights gained from this effort form the basis for Ebbinge's model of True Leadership. Our whitepaper 'True Leadership', based on a collaboration with Nyenrode Business University, reveals the seven qualities of True Leadership according to leading Dutch CEOs.

“At Ebbinge, I can help people get ahead and be of real significance.”

Noëmi Bijlsma

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