Education leaders with an eye for the public interest

True leadership as the basis for fundamental transformation

Education leaders with an eye for the public interest

The education sector is very broad and varied. Education as such does not exist: it is too diverse to typify in a few developments. Nevertheless, we do see one sector-wide trend: the move back to the original rationale of education. Education as a source of equality of opportunity. As a shaper of independent and critical individuals. And as the engine of our knowledge economy and innovation.


Education leaders with an eye for the public interest

True leaders in education
At the same time, education is undergoing a major transformation as a result of technological and societal changes. It provides an interesting tension with the movement towards the original intention. And so new, real leaders are needed. Talents, permanent and interim, who not only have an eye for innovation in education, but who – paradoxically enough – also have a renewed interest in the original concept of education and attach importance to it.

Lead our future
The leaders in education of the future? As far as we are concerned, these are the leaders who can combine this social interest with the quality to change education in a fundamental and entrepreneurial way. With this conviction, Ebbinge is committed to the quality of leadership and supervision in education.

Our team
Our Education team works for education in the broadest sense: for universities, colleges, secondary vocational education and other (private) educational organisations. We know the leaders and the regulators needed here.

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