The best CFO isn't good enough

It's about the best-suited CFO

The best CFO isn't good enough

A good CFO / Financial Director provides oversight as well as insight. They will make the right strategic decisions based on solid analyses and accurate information. He or she will keep costs and cashflow under control. No surprises. A constructive sparring partner who understands the business and what realistic possibilities exist. Creating value in both the short and long term. But who will take a contrary position if needed. Keenly focused on costs and risks. Strategically strong, with the power to implement. The best-suited man or woman will be someone who understands the specific setting, based on their experience within the sector and likely outside of it too.

The right skills and experience are crucial, obviously, but so are a real sense of the ambition, challenges and culture of the organisation. They will connect with them while adding a fresh perspective. Corporate types often don’t match. Appointing someone is not hard, but making a sustainable appointment is. The daily practice of CFOs is one of Ebbinge’s core specialisations. We look at the story behind the CV. Whether someone will truly fit depends largely on their values, drives and who they are as a human being.



The best CFO isn't good enough

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