Ebbinge helps by investing in people and true leadership

Our unique recipe for growth


Translating strategy to people and teams

With a specialised team of consultants and facilitators, we build teams that develop and realise strategic goals. Our services around Search, Interim, Leadership Development and Courses are people-focused and based on a deep understanding of the (strategic) situation and context of the organisation as well as the market and the range of positions involved.

“Every leader needs moments of self-reflection to keep a clear head”


The interface between your organisation and our network

We know the market and the market knows us. We help organisations find the right leadership through our unique business network. Our approach has proved to be effective and is optimally supported by AI and big data. We offer added value through structured search, focused deployment of media, our vital network and our distinctive communities.

“When selecting candidates, we look for experience, but also at the kind of person someone is.”


We develop true leadership within organisations

Ebbinge helps develop true leadership within organisations through masterclasses and courses. We offer unique executive courses for directors, executives and supervisors from the private and public sectors.

“The many perspectives that are discussed in courses and sparring with a diversity of fellow students contribute to self-insight and a clear ambition. And that means making the right choices.”


Our research-driven approach

Together with Nyenrode Business University, we carry out continuous research into leadership. How is it changing? Which success factors does it require? The insights gained from this effort form the basis for Ebbinge's model of True Leadership. Our whitepaper 'True Leadership' reveals the seven qualities of True Leadership according to leading Dutch CEOs.

“A successful assignment means Ebbinge is truly involved”