Supervisor: a critical task and a critical position

Extensive responsibilities demand many qualities

Supervisor: a critical task and a critical position

The role of supervisor has become increasingly important in recent years. It is no longer an honorary position. Organisations are developing faster and can find themselves in turbulent times. These new circumstances demand a new definition of what the role of supervisor entails. It now requires more involvement, time and regular attention, specific knowledge and a keen interest in the development of the organisation. Serious responsibility now comes with the job and it may well entail walking into it the spotlight, including external exposure in the media.

This makes the role something entirely different from being a mere complementary position. A good supervisor can add serious value to the organisation. All the more reason for careful assessment when searching for the right person for the job.

Supervisor: a critical task and a critical position

'When the flow at the top is good, it's good in the whole organisation.'

Wieke Janssen: ‘The need for good teamwork at the top is often overlooked. Many organisations struggle with the question of how to adapt successfully to fast-changing conditions.'
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Leading leaders

We offer a fresh perspective with New Style supervisors. People we know well, who fit the profile description. Many of them are still active as CEOs, CFOs, participating supervisors or leaders in a specific sector.  Men and women. Experienced, talented professionals with intelligence, expertise, a valuable network, entrepreneurial drive, commitment and, last but not least, highly developed powers of assessment. Decisive, strong heavyweights who are connected and form a valuable extension of the organisation’s executives. In short, people who can truly lead the leaders.  

New Style Supervision Courses

In addition, supervisors can participate in exclusive Ebbinge Courses aimed at both experienced and aspiring supervisors and supervisory directors. In general, but more specifically too, e.g. for Charities and Cultural Organisations as well as Care and Private Equity. The focus is on knowledge and on personal skills as well. Important questions covered, e.g., are: how to deal with conflicting interests, what is the effect of one’s own behaviour, when to intervene and when to hold off. We’ve offered these courses for several years now and consistently receive high praise from participants. 


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