New and down-to-earth leadership at the heart of our economy

Ebbinge has been an active player in this sector for decades

New and down-to-earth leadership at the heart of our economy

Trade and manufacturing companies are often down-to-earth businesses focused on innovation, fundamental changes within the chain and sustainability of both production and supply chain.  We often see the rules of the game changed by newcomers. Ebbinge brings experienced and real entrepreneurship through true leaders who connect and realise fundamental, healthy growth within all functional disciplines, both permanent and interim.

We often encounter:
• organisations that lack purpose and leadership
• management that does not function as one team
• insufficient innovation, a lack of steering information and commercial teams that need reinforcement.

New and down-to-earth leadership at the heart of our economy

New leadership
Professionalism and entrepreneurship are the basis underlying new leadership. Ebbinge recognises and knows the right leaders. Leaders who chart a course and are all business, without losing sight of the human dimension. We also offer development-focused managemant scans, leadership assessments and leadership team development. This is how we facilitate better understanding and collaboration within and between teams. These are often short and intensive processes with a positive impact.

Our team
Our Trade & Manufacturing team boasts deep sectoral and functional specialisation. We meet this group of internationally-focused, entrepreneurial clients on a daily basis, usually at their premises on industrial estates around the country. They approach us for search, interim or team development issues at top management and B of S level.



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