What if management requires external reinforcement?

New leadership needed? Many issues will demand answers.

What if management requires external reinforcement?

That’s why it’s crucial to truly understand the challenge at hand and the qualities needed to face it. Through its mediation, Ebbinge offers access to the very best leaders. Leaders with self knowledge who can lead themselves and so lead others as well. Sociable, down-to-earth leaders with courage and the ability to share.

Ebbinge knows and recognizes these entrepreneurial leaders and aids in their development. Leaders who fit the organization well but are also keen on improving the world around them.

What if management requires external reinforcement?

''A great CFO appointment at a fine family business''

Find out how our colleague Janneke's consulting work resulted in the appointment of a CFO at the family-owned firm Heutink.


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Our world demands new leadership. That is our unshakeable conviction.
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We advise enterprising organizations with the strategical deployment of people and teams.


Interim Management

Ebbinge Interim provides support in situations requiring concrete and urgent change. We deliver external interim managers with expertise and experience, who combine analytical ability and vision with the power to take action.

Leadership Development

Ebbinge helps increase the effectiveness of businesses on the individual, team or organisational level with a specialized team of senior consultants and facilitators.


Ebbinge develops and provides its own unique executive courses for directors, executives and supervisors from both the private and public sectors. These courses deal with leadership, personal development and effectiveness at the highest administrative level.

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