Executive search and interim for the heart of the organization.

Producing and delivering what the organization needs now and in the future and what has been promised to clients. Leaders in production, operations & supply chain are driving the core.

Executive search and interim for the heart of the organization.

Analysis and structure, future-oriented thinking and action, down-to-earth people management. The specialist Ebbinge team works for the trade and manufacturing industry as well as information-rich Business Services. We know the very best permanent and Interim Management leaders and they know us.

Executive search and interim for the heart of the organization.


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Other Position Groups

We service a wide range of business sectors, each with its own team of specialists.

Other Position Groups


General Director (CEO)

Choosing a CEO or an entrepreneur: the most important decision for a shareholder and/or board member. It’s been Ebbinge’s daily core business since 1982.

Financial Director (CFO)

The CFO practice has been Ebbinge’s core specialization for over 35 years. During that time, we have built a network of over 3,500 CFOs. A good CFO will bring oversight as well as insight, providing key information and analysis to enable the right strategic decisions to be made.

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

Future-proof HR leadership depends on innovative power and the ability to provide insight into the added value of HR & Human Capital for future growth.

Chief Marketing Officer (CCO, CMO)

A number of Ebbinge professionals specialize in the Consumer Goods & Retail market. We know the best commercial leaders and marketeers there, often searching for transformation and growth assignments.

Supervisor (B of D, B of S)

The role of supervisor has become increasingly important. It is no longer an honorary title. Different requirements must be met for new tasks and responsibilities.

Chief Digital Officer (CIO, CTO, IT)

The new digital economy demands innovative leadership. It is time for digital leaders to head up business in The Netherlands. Digitalization supports organizations in transition

Other Position Groups

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