Position Groups

Specialists within the position groups are broadly oriented.

Position Groups

Ebbinge provides a highly dedicated search team that has insight into the market, mapping it in detail and giving access to our network that was 35 years in the making. We also offer perspectives beyond the expected, sharing knowledge and experiences. Both clients and candidates have indicated their approval.

It’s all about identifying potential talent. Permanent or Interim. They have the right personality, quality, experience and ambition. At the same time, a new director, for example, will have to fit within the top team and culture of an organization in terms of motivation, norms, values and background. We provide insight and focus, based on ample experience. We service clients from diverse backgrounds. We specialize per position group with dedicated consultants.

Position Groups

Position Groups

We distinguish between several position specializations in business with a team of dedicated specialists for each sector.

General Director

Choosing the CEO or entrepreneur: the most important decision for shareholders and/or board members.

Our daily core business since 1982. Access to entrepreneurial, self-aware, final responsibility leaders who connect to the organization's people, DNA, future and growth.

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Chief Operations Officer

Executive search and interim for the heart of the organization.

Producing and delivering what the organization needs now and in the future (permanent or interim) and what was promised to customers. Leaders in production, operations & supply chain driving the core of the organization.

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Chief Human Resources Officer

Self-aware, strong leaders in HR and Human Capital, with a direct impact on the quality and growth of the organization.

Future-proof leadership in HR depends on innovative power and the ability to highlight the added value of HR & Human Capital and position it for future growth

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Chief Marketing Officer

How do you find leaders who can successfully create value in fast-changing conditions?

A number of our professionals are partial to the Consumer Goods & Retail market. We know the best CCOs in Marketing & Commerce. In the B-to-B market, we provide insight into the best businesses and access to their CCOs and commercial leaders through incisive research.

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The high added value of a 'New Style' Supervisor.

The role of supervisor has become increasingly important. It is no longer merely an honorary position. There are new demands, tasks and responsibilities.

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Chief Digital & Data Officer

The new digital economy demands innovative leadership.

It is time for digital leaders to head up Dutch business. Digitalization supports organizations in transition. What does this mean for leadership?

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Financial Director

Why the best CFO isn't good enough.

CFO practice has been a core specialization at Ebbinge for 35 years. In that time, we have built a network of over 3,500 CFOs. A good CFO provides oversight as well as insight. They will deliver the required analyses and information to enable the right strategic decisions to be made.

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