New and down-to-earth leadership at the heart of our economy

This is the sector and specialization Ebbinge has been active in for many years.

New and down-to-earth leadership at the heart of our economy

Down-to-earth businesses with an agenda of innovation, sustainability of production and supply chain, fundamental changes within the chain and newcomers who change the rules of the game. We bring experienced and true entrepreneurship to all functional disciplines, permanent and interim. True leaders who know how to connect people and realize fundamental, healthy growth.

We often encounter:

  • Organizations without purpose and leadership.
  • Management that does not function as one team.
  • Insufficient innovation, no steering information, weak commercial teams.
  • New leadership that brings a professional approach as well as entrepreneurship.
  • Management scan & team development: having real, honest conversations, rebuilding trust.
  • True leadership with vision and dedication while remaining people-oriented.

Our team

Our Trade & Manufacturing team boasts deep sectoral and functional specialization. We meet this group of internationally-focused, entrepreneurial clients on a daily basis, usually at their premises on industrial estates around the country. For search, interim or team development issues at top management and B of S level.


New and down-to-earth leadership at the heart of our economy


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Other markets

Diverse sectors, each with its own team of specialists.

Other markets


Family Businesses

For new leadership in harmony with the core values of the family business.

Private Equity

Access to the top network of proven entrepreneurial leaders.

Public, Care & Education

A new generation of leaders for public and social organizations.

Consumer Goods & Retail
Data, Digital & IT
Business Services
Charities, Funds and NGOs
Care & Health
Other markets