Succession and continuity as main themes

Within family and majority shareholder-run businesses, the themes of continuity and succession are always relevant ones as they are, in essence, the product of succession within the family.

Succession and continuity as main themes

The issue of succession does not apply solely to the financial and economic continuity of the value of the business itself, but rather to other forms such as the value for employees, the company culture or the community. Historically, these things are regarded differently than in non-family businesses. When succession of family members or the majority shareholder is not possible from within, an outside leader must be found and succession becomes a more complex theme.

Succession and continuity as main themes

'I strongly felt the need to be able to make the difference'

This video shows Michiel and Wouter talking. Wouter has just come over from a corporate to the De Haan familt business, where Michiel is the owner. See the video to find out what it's like to make such a transition.

The Ebbinge Way

The Ebbinge Majority Shareholder & Family Businesses team offers specialized expertise in succession matters as well as filling the positions within the Board of Supervisors and Directors.

Our approach is:

  • People-oriented
    • What do we mean by that? In addition to the required professionalism and entrepreneurship, we see a new generation of leaders who take into account the values of the business, the culture and the fit with the organization and the people. To look beyond mere strategy and business to include the human factor, so plans can be realized together with the people.
  • Professional
    • In order to understand the entrepreneurship that is deeply engrained in the DNA of these types of businesses, experience and professionalism is key.  We offer not only analysis and selective capabilities, but we are also truly involved and understand the history and desired change for the future, taking into account the culture and core values.
  • Careful
    • In addition to speed, a careful approach is equally important. We engage all stakeholders in the business, B of S and shareholders. This ensures the necessary support and approval when it comes to the final appointment. We always maintain a transparent and personal process, both during the search phase and in the subsequent support and on-boarding.

The Paradox: continuity and innovation

Ebbinge has worked for family businesses for many years, at the executive level and for B of S and shareholder positions. We are aware that continuity is demanded while innovation is often needed as well. We know the leaders who kan strike the perfect balance to deal with this paradox.

Our team

Our Family Businesses team is specialized in matters of succession for family and majority shareholder-run businesses, filling executive positions as well as roles in the B of S and for shareholders.  The team works in a transparent and careful way before and after the appointment and boasts an extensive network of enterprising leaders (permanent and interim) in all company disciplines, who are keen and qualified to work in these companies.


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