A tribute to education

Transformation as a result of technological and societal changes and the move towards the original objectives of education.

A tribute to education

The education sector is too broad and diverse to characterize in terms of just a few developments. “Education” as such doesn’t even really exist. But we do see one movement across the whole education sector: the movement towards the original objectives of education. Education as the source of equal opportunity. Education as the nursery of independent and critical individuals. Education as the driving force behind our knowledge economy and innovation.

True leaders in education

At the same time, education is undergoing a major transformation because of technological and societal changes. That much is ‘sure’. This yields an interesting tension with the movement towards the original objectives of education, mentioned above. New leadership is required. Leaders (permanent and interim) who not only have a keen eye for innovation in education but who – paradoxically –  are also motivated to see education return to its original goals.

Lead our future

Enterprising leaders who can combine this societal interest with the quality to change education fundamentally. We believe these are the future leaders in education.  Ebbinge is committed to the quality of leadership and supervision in education.

Our team

Our team in the education market works for the sector in its broadest sense: classic universities, applied sciences universities, vocational education. Our education team knows the leaders (permanent and interim), supervisors and others needed here.

A tribute to education


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