Marketing communication as the instrument for transformation.

Marketing communication as the instrument for transformation.

Continuous adaptation to a changing reality

The profession of Marketing and Commerce today is changing rapidly and fundamentally. Developments are too many to list. We do see three recurring main transformation issues surfacing for our clients.

  • increasing professionalization of Marcom;
  • contributing to ambitious growth;
  • advanced digitalization of business and customer service.

Put differently: Marketing and Commerce is increasingly becoming an instrument towards transformation.

Marketing communication as the instrument for transformation.

Marketing and Commerce leaders of the future

These changes demand new leadership as well. The new Marketing and Commerce leaders are entrepreneurial professionals who can take a company to the nest level in marketing based on a vision. People who will take the lead and the responsibilith that comes with it, who can connect people and bridge the divide between marketing and other disciplines: IT, digital and data, sales and commerce. Who can reflect concretely and act on the social value of a company.

Lead our future

Our Marketing and Commerce team is aimed at mid-market organizations, from Food, Finance and Non-Durables to NGOs. They aim to realize next level growth through Marketing and Commerce. Ebbinge is specialized in finding true leaders in this area. Professionals who can adapt and transform themselves in the transition from Corporates to enterprising mid-market organizations and can transform the company towards professionalization, digitalization, growth and sustainability. They can also adapt the profession and the position as specializations grow into integral, directive disciplines in close collaboration with all core disciplines within the company.

Our team

Our team consists of passionate individuals who have often worked in these markets themselves. They know the dynamics of the sector and recognize the leaders it demands.


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Diverse sectors, each with its own team of specialists

Other markets


Family Businesses

For new leadership that suits the core values of the family business.

Private Equity

Access to the number one network of proven entrepreneurial leaders.

Public, Care & Education

A new generation of leaders for public and social organizations.

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