Not-for-profit, Fit-for-purpose

From purpose to impact

Not-for-profit, Fit-for-purpose

The social sector is broad, ranging from charities and funds to NGOs and cultural institutions. In spite of the variation, we see a number of shared challenges, not so much regarding the creation of profitability but rather in terms of future-proofing the purpose: how to implement a more market-directed approach, how to maximize societal impact, how to transition to digital and data and how to increase collaboration with others in the field.

Lead our future

Ebbinge is passionately committed to the quality of leadership and supervision in the social sector. We work on interim and executive search of Executives, Directors and Supervisors. Ebbinge organizes New Style Supervision for Charities and Cultural Institutions Course. We do benchmarks, support self-evaluation of Boards of Directors and provide assessments, development and coaching.


We do this together with  MVO Nederland, Duurzaam Bedrijfsleven and Nyenrode Business University. To service this market, our Ebbinge Interim team boasts a lively network of experienced and directly available interim managers.

Not-for-profit, Fit-for-purpose

‘I try to live a life of awareness’

Our colleague Marjolein is thinking of how she can make real impact, both in business and privately. In this video, she visits the DOWN TO EARTH collective, where she recently placed a business director.


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